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  • Selling s.r.o.
    (Ltd.) company
24 900 Kč
  • Selling s.r.o. (Ltd.) company
  • Legal service
  • Basic web page & Business cards
39 000 Kč
  • Selling s.r.o. (Ltd.) company
  • Extra legal services
  • Original web page & Business cards
69 000 Kč

We will sell, or set up you a New company

We are team of people with aim to complete service in the area of setting up and selling s.r.o. (Ltd.) companies - ready made companies.
We are closely cooperating with the law firm and the web designers, what allows us faster providing law services and IT services connected with web design, marketing and web presentation under more favorable conditions made just for our clients. All services, we are providing, we could offer also under favorable conditions to companies, which already exists.

  • Selling s.r.o. (Ltd) company with registered seat in Brno
  • Setting up a new company
  • Web design and marketing services
  • Legal services
  • Accounting services
  • Providing registered seat - Your Office

Redcom Solutions s.r.o.

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We guarantee indebtedness and zero sales history of each of our company
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